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Alice [慈安] Fang

Interaction designs. Graphic designs. Codes sometimes. Loves calendars, museums, internet archives, sudoku, and collecting books but not always reading them.

This site is always a work in progress.

Currently, a graphics/multimedia editor on the digital news design team [1] at The New York Times. She designs, art directs, produces and develops visual stories on the web [2]:

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon Univ. [15], and also:

Sometimes she works on other things:

Reach out at or to chat about bugs, clouds [26], or the internet.

my favorite mayfly, ephemeroptera baetiscidae baetisca
peaches, the best dog

gif of the sun's reflection moving across a building through an Amtrak train window gif of the sun's reflection moving across a building through an Amtrak train window
gif that rotates through screenshots of different nyt articles gif that rotates through screenshots of different nyt articles
gif that rotates through a few projects done while at cmu
gif that rotates through three cloud photos
A selection of photos from ‘The Year in Pictures’
A gif; imitating the stack of notifications on a phone before revealing the headline ‘Being 13’
with Hang Do Thi Duc and Deanna Donegan
with Umi Syam
with Antonio de Luca, Danny DeBelius; visuals by Ainslee Alem Robson
gif cycling through pictures from stories in the series
with Eve Lyons and Jennifer Harlan
scrolling through the first seven places on the list: Chioggia, Italy; Chimanimani National Park, Mozambique; Queens, N.Y.; Northumberland, England; Zihuantanejo, Mexico; Ibéra Park, Argentina; Alentejo Wine Region, Portugal
with Matt Ruby and Michael Beswetherick
gif cycyling through screenshots of the project: photos taken in various Olmsted-designed parks, placed in a three-column grid to evoke a winding visual effect
with Clinton Cargill, Sarah Eckinger and Rebecca Lieberman
tweet by @nytimes showing a animated visualization of the women's 400-meter hurdles final. The tweet says: Here's how Sydney McLaughlin of the U.S. won the 400-meter hurdles at #Tokyo2020, breaking her own world record. Dalilah Muhammad, her teammate and the 2016 Olumpic champion, won silver. Femke Bol of the Netherlands won bronze.
with Rich Harris, Eden Weingart and Ashley Wu
nyt mobile homepage that shows animated visualization of the jump combinations worth the most points in each of four women's routines for the women's singles long program final: Kamila Valieva, Anna Shcherbakova, Alexandra Trusova, and Kaori Sakamoto
with Jon Huang, Eden Weingart and Nick Diamont
on a computer scrolling through: an aerial view of trees in the Congo; a video of a man rowing a boat, a group of men sitting on a vehicle; a boat heading deeper into the trees; a tree stump; and a man leaning on a tree. Text says: Behind these trees... along this river... down this road... lies one of the planet's greatest resources... as long as it remains disturbed. What do the protectors of Congo's peatlands get in return?
with Jason Chiu
on a phone scrolling through: an aerial view of Glenfeshie valley in the Cairngorms, Scotland; a tree among a forest, partly snow-covered; a closeup of moss and peat; and a video taken by drone zooming out into the valleys and mountainous landscape. Text says: One businessman owns 200,000 acres in Scotland. But he's not mining or chasing development. He's restoring precious peatlands.  What will profit from saving Scotland's Bogs? Repairing the country's extensive peatlands could help the world mitigate climage change. It could also make a fast-fashion billionaire even richer.
with Jason Chiu
Six people show their name signs, with white line animations visualizing the gestures. Text says: What Matters in a Name Sign? We look at the origin of name signs in deaf culture, including one recently assigned to Vice President Harris.
with Gabriel Gianordoli
Headline that says: How it Feels to Be Asian in Today's America, which fades out into a gradient, scroll to text responses submitted by readers, including a quote with audio that says: I signed my daughter up for a charter school...
with Deanna Donegan, Ruru Kuo, Antonio de Luca and Adriana Ramic
Six story headlines are placed around a center image, that fade and change as you scroll to a different story.
with Jaspal Riyait
Three quotes from school counselors: 'Kids have the highest level of anxiety I’ve ever seen: anxiety about basic safety and fear of what could happen'; 'I’ve seen more physical fights this year than in my 15 years combined'; 'The foundational skills for learning need to be retaught' that fade in and out of view.
pages from the book, including a spread that says Representation in large type, and a spread with pink and purple post-its
with Rachel Lee and Jaclyn Saik
interacting with the site. the home page shows the six sections in large type: representation, quality, education, community, power, and change. the text changes color and rotates as the mouse hovers. upon entering the site, there is a quote on the right that has highlights, bold keywords, and hover states, as well as a list of related quotes on the left
with Rachel Lee and Jaclyn Saik
various screens from the PocketMacros app
with Estelle Jiang
interacting with the informational side panel on Macroinvertebrates.org
three gifs: two empty frames showcasing the small shelf unit and interior lights; rotating with a rock diaroma; opening and closing the toolkit packaging
with Emily Zhou
eight models walking on stage in looks that light up in pink, purple and blue
with Swan Carpenter and Connie Ye
spreads of the booklet, visualized in red and blue to mock how the red and blue risoprint would appear
with Elena Deng and Jaclyn Saik
screenshots from nina tang dot com